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Crush and Burn, by Sidney Mohede

wahyu fajar sanjaya's picture

Do=D __ It's all Wahyu Fajar Sanjaya 's Version
Guitar Effect: Comp/Efx- Hiwattt, Distorsi-Metal (Bisa Memakai Boss MT-1, ZoomG1, atau hanya Backsound dengan Distorsi).... Akustik juga Bisa sih. Sama saja. Tergantung Mood yang dibutuhkan

I can stop Taking about....

the things that you have done

My life has changed because

You gave your Holy Son

You have my feet to stand

But all the sinking Sands

And when my world colapse

And only in Your Hands

And all my Crush and burn

Collided with You

____D__________A_______Bm__ A-B-B A-A-A-B-A-b-D-b
And I with the Mighty One

SO here I am I stand

With my life in my hands

___Dmol____Bm A-B-B A-A-A-B-A-b-D-b
I give you all

Submitted by wahyu fajar sanjaya on 30 September, 2010 - 10:24